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19 May - 31 Aug

Afternoon Tea and Talk

A weekly online discussion series with authors and writers hosted by Astrid Edwards.

18 Apr

An Evening with Peter Singer

Hear the world's most influential living philosopher, Peter Singer, in conversation.

31 Jul - 21 Aug

Six Weeks, Six Issues

Hear from top policy experts leading the planning for Victoria's recovery from COVID-19.

19 Aug

Melbourne Conversations: Predicting the Unpredictable

From policy and government to individual mental health, how can we prepare for an uncertain future?

29 Jul - 3 Sep

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium: Seeking Junior Penguin Keepers

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium launches a free online program for kids with a passion for penguins.

4 Nov

Geoffrey Robertson – It's No Longer Hypothetical

A provocative, insightful and witty evening with Geoffrey Robertson QC.

2 Oct

Book Club: Whiteley on Trial

A book discussion about the intrigues of an amazing time in Australian art.

1 Apr - 31 Dec

The Wheeler Centre Podcast

Enjoy the best of the Wheeler Centre's talks – spanning the world of books, writing and ideas.

27 Aug

BLEED Echo Protocol – The Curation of the Internet

Areej Nur in a conversation on how every part of our lives has now been officially curated for us.

12 Oct - 13 Oct


The 2020 conference features the theme ‘to agility and beyond’.

7 Jul - 31 Dec

How Are You Today? Podcast

How Are You Today? is a new podcast series with artists about arts practice in isolation.

1 May - 30 Aug

Digital Wellbeing Webinars for Students

Interactive webinars to help students navigate the online world.

21 May - 26 Aug

Memory Bank: Citizen Collectors Toolkit

Hear how collection specialists build and care for the state’s collection and how you can too.

9 Sep

Building Melbourne: a Mid-Century Architect's Destination

Find out about Beaumaris’ post-WW2 architectural gems.


Expand your mind with the best talks, lectures, forums and workshops.​​​​

1 Oct - 30 Jun

Melbourne Ghost Tour

Uncover the dark criminal history and the true crimes that shook Melbourne to its core.

1 Aug - 30 Aug

Where Are You Today?

A month of recordings from immigration detention sent daily to your phone.

20 Aug - 26 Aug

Tax in Australia: Online Workshop

Have questions about tax time? Join for the latest information from the Australian Tax Office.

15 Apr - 14 Oct

Historical Day Tours of Melbourne General Cemetery

‘Meet’ some of Melbourne General Cemetery's who's who in these daytime tours.

4 Sep - 4 Dec

Historical Night Tours of Melbourne General Cemetery

‘Meet’ some of the notable residents of Melbourne General Cemetery in this night time tour.